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BioCompact 25 Internal FilterBioCompact 25 Internal Filter
BioCompact 25 Internal Filter
Oase - BioCompact 25 Internal Aquarium Filter. Effective water filtration for small aquariums. Complete set, ready for use.
£15.99 inc VAT
BioCompact 50 Internal FilterBioCompact 50 Internal Filter
BioCompact 50 Internal Filter
Oase - BioCompact 50 Aquarium Filter. Effective water filtration for small aquariums and paludariums. Complete set ready for use. Individually adjustable water flow rate
£18.99 inc VAT
BioPlus 50 Internal FilterBioPlus 50 Internal Filter
BioPlus 50 Internal Filter
Oase - BioPlus 50 Internal Aquarium Filter. Integrated diffuser nozzles, uniform surface movement prevents formation of biofilm. Oxygen enrichment. Extremely easy to clean.
£24.99 inc VAT
Digital ThermometerDigital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer
Oase - Digital Aquarium Thermometer. Can be bonded onto an aquarium from the outside. High accuarcy and easy to read. Battery included
£9.99 inc VAT